Pakistan WE-NET delegation at SheTrades Global 2018

Pakistan WE-NET delegation attended SheTrades Global Conference in Liverpool from June 26-28, 2018. SheTrades was launched by the International Trade Centre (ITC), which seeks to connect women entrepreneurs to market. Women in businesses can instantly start connecting with buyers, sellers, investors and potential partners. Led by Pakistan WE-NET President, Yasmin Hyder, the delegation explored business and trade opportunities with entrepreneurs from Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil and Kenya.

The delegation comprised of women entrepreneurs working in the Textile and Apparel sector. The conference highlighted how the use of technology is pertinent in today’s era in enhancing women’s access to information and international markets.

Arancha Gonzales, Chief Executive, International Trade Centre, met with Pakistan WE-NET President, Yasmin Hyder and was briefed on current activities and future prospects of the organization. Ms Arancha acknowledged the contribution of Pakistan in trade and commerce during one of her sessions, specifically mentioning Pakistani footballs being used during the World Cup season.

The SheTrades conference shed light on the importance of women entrepreneurs to not only trade internationally, but also nationally within their country. The conference led to deal formulation for future trade between participants from KAGIDER (Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association) and Pakistan WE-NET delegation.