Women entrepreneurs play a critical role in economic development, by boosting growth and creating jobs. With changing demographics in Pakistan, it is imperative to recognize the future role of women in Pakistan’s overall economic growth. New World Concepts was contracted by the World Bank Group to launch Pakistan Women Entrepreneurs Network for Trade (WE-NET). Launched in November 2017, Pakistan WE-NET is a representative platform for women entrepreneurs in trade of goods and services being established with the support of World Bank Group Pakistan.


Promote women economic empowerment in Pakistan by focusing on women entrepreneurship development in the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector.


Establishment of an inclusive and sustainable platform that represents women entrepreneurs in trade of goods and services across Pakistan.


Serve as an advocacy platform for Pakistani women entrepreneurs, providing suggestions for policy formulation with regards to gender to both public & private sector bodies

Represent Pakistani women SMEs globally by developing linkages with regional and international trade networks for women entrepreneurs

Leverage this network for knowledge sharing and highlighting best practices for women led businesses

Develop a database of women led SMEs to be used for trade policy and cross-sector partnerships.