• Valid NTN number for 2 years
  • Minimum of 2 employees
  • Minimum of 2 years in business
  • Sole entrepreneur/sole owner or minimum 51% shareholding
  • To accept the terms and conditions of WE-NET
  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree
  • No criminal conviction
  • One-time Enrolment fee of PKR 10,000 to be payable after the approval of application by Pakistan WE-NET Board
Upload ID Document
Copy of Valid NTN Certificate
Passport Sized Photo

Upon submission of complete application, please allow 30 days for the processing of applications. Payment may be accepted as cash, cheque or pay order. Membership of WE-NET expires after 1 year, to be renewed through payment of annual fee. WE-NET accepts members to the Association, regardless of any discrimination based on religion, language, race, physical ability or personal/political beliefs. Members may disaffiliate themselves from Pakistan WE-NET, provided prior notice is communicated to the Board through writing & all outstanding dues stand rectified/cleared. Upon written request, membership shall be terminated effective immediately subject to fulfillment of liabilities prior to termination.