Mentoring and Coaching

WE-NET aims to support young entrepreneurs through mentoring, coaching and providing access to a vast database of information. In this regard, Pakistan WE-NET Board member Sadiqa Husain Tayebaly engaged in a mentoring session with Farea Khan of ‘Jooti Kapra Makaan’ to explore opportunities for business expansion.

South Africa, Pakistan and Conservation

Pakistan WE-NET delegation led by Yasmin Hyder (Founder & President, WE-NET), attended an information session on conservation of natural resources hosted by Pakistan Customs on January 3, 2018 at Directorate General of Customs, Karachi.

Pakistan Customs has been a key stakeholder in the restoration of Eduljee Dinshaw Road and reclaiming public space for the citizens of Karachi. The talk was delivered by Mr. Peter Sullivan, Chairman, Bird Life, Africa, and moderated by Ayesha Tammy Haq. The session was aimed at building awareness on the need to conserve natural resources.

Natural habitat destruction is deemed as the most serious threat facing many bird species, which mostly occurs due to fragmentation of land, draining of swamps, logging and rapid urban development. Mr. Sullivan urged the audience to make a combined effort to preserve land, air and water in order to protect our natural habitat. Around 1200 bird species face extinction in the next century with many bird populations declining worldwide. Hence, the importance of protecting unique species of birds in Pakistan was specifically highlighted with enlightening revelations about 16 bird species discovered during Mr. Sullivan’s brief stay in Sindh.

The talk was followed by a question and answer session, where the audience expressed an interest and willingness to know more about conservation efforts, which may be implemented at an individual level. Mr. Tariq Huda, Director General Pakistan Customs, concluded the talk by thanking the guests and emphasized on the importance of conservation, and how organizations, government bodies and individuals can each make a difference by making small efforts in their daily lives.


Pakistan WE-NET was Invited by OICCI to attend a session held jointly by UN Women and Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) in an effort to promote gender diversity in companies. Sadiqa Tayebali (Core Group member) and Aliza Qaisar (Project Coordinator) attended the session on behalf of Pakistan WE-NET.

The Chamber organized a CSR Event on Women Empowerment/Gender Equality under the title “OICCI Women: Empowering for a Brighter Tomorrow,” in collaboration with UN Women Pakistan, on November 21, 2017. The event brought together leading foreign investors and gender specialists to discuss strategies and good practices on women’s empowerment and representation in the corporate sector.

The dialogue on “Empowering Women for a Brighter Tomorrow” featured speakers such as Khalid Mansoor (CEO, HubCo), Bruno Olierhoek (CEO, Nestle Pakistan & Afghanistan), Shazia Syed (CEO, Unilever Pakistan), Sangeeta Rana Thapa (Deputy Representative of UN Women Country Office, Pakistan) amongst many others. The distinguished speakers spoke about dismantling stereotypes concerning women in professional life and encouraged women to ask for what they need so that companies may evaluate whether they have the right infrastructure in place to allow women to thrive. Participants said key steps to empower women in private companies include security, support for relocating female workers, genuine commitment of management, and allowances for women to combine work with home responsibilities.

The Pakistan WE-NET delegation used the opportunity to engage with attendees introducing WE-NET and to explore opportunities to collaborate.

WE-NET Strategy Session

Pakistan WE-NET Board members held a strategy session on 15th December 2017, facilitated by Advisory Council member, Qashif Effendi (CEO, Reem Rice). Issues discussed included collaboration, knowledge sharing, advocacy and the development of WE-NET’s database of women led SMEs.

WE-NET attends FCEM World Congress

FCEM World Congress

The 65th Femmes Chefs d’Enterprises Mondiales (FCEM) World Congress was held in Rome, Italy from November 20 – 22, 2017. Delegates from WE-NET engaged in networking opportunities with women entrepreneurs from across the world, including Eva Cavalli, Partner, Roberto Cavalli, Sharjah Business Women Council, Association of German Women Entrepreneurs, Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women, KAGIDER, Monaco Business Women Association and others.

WE-NET is the first representative body from Pakistan that has been granted membership to FCEM. WE-NET delivered a presentation on its objectives, the importance of women’s participation in economic development and the unique potential of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The presentation was deemed exemplary by the FCEM committee, thereby leading to WE-NET’s exemption from the mandatory membership waiting period of two years.

Launch of WE-NET

Pakistan Women Entrepreneurs Network for Trade (WE-NET) was launched 9th November creating a representative platform for women entrepreneurs in trade of goods and services. The launch event was held today at Movenpick Hotel Karachi with the support of the World Bank Group (WBG).

Ms. Yasmin Hyder, Founder & President, WE-NET and CEO, New World Concepts welcomed the invitees and highlighted the need for a women entrepreneurs network in trade given the changing demographics, growth in technology and improved access to markets. The economic impact of female entrepreneurs and holds the potential to be a major driver of economic growth in Pakistan, as elsewhere in the world. She highlighted how technology is revolutionizing business operations and the need for women entrepreneurs to benefit from digital processes and ecommerce capabilities for global trade.

Underlining the importance of women’s participation in the economic development of Pakistan, Mr. Illangovan Patchamuthu, Country Director, WBG Pakistan expressed how important this was especially due to Pakistan’s low female labour participation rates in the region. This can be improved by assisting women entrepreneurs through creation of linkages with regional and global trade partners and businesswomen associations. He also reiterated Pakistan’s significant progress in regaining macroeconomic stability over the last 3 years.

Her Excellency Ms. Margaret Adamson, Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan said the Australian Government was pleased to partner with the WBG to support Pakistan’s efforts to increase regional trade and investment through the Pakistan Trade and Investment Policy Program. Ms Adamson said that gender equality was essential for successful economic and social development globally and was at the core of Australia’s foreign policy.

Special guest Dr. Gulden Tarktan, founding chair of W20, an engagement group of female leaders of the G20 nations, emphasized the necessity of including women in the formal economy by addressing women’s economic empowerment through education, employment and entrepreneurship. Supporting women-owned enterprises and innovations is beneficial as women entrepreneurship enhances economies.
Ms. Yesim Sevig, Secretary General, KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey); member of the Diplomatic Corps in Karachi; renowned women entrepreneurs and heads of bilateral trade associations, attended the launch event.

WBG Capacity Building Workshop

Prior to the official launch event of Pakistan Women Entrepreneurs Network for Trade , Noa Gimelli, Trade and Competitiveness (T&C) Senior Operations Officer, World Bank Group and Maria Liungman, Senior Economist, World Bank Group, conducted a capacity building workshop for the Board members of Pakistan WE-NET.

The following topics were discussed:

Women Economic Empowerment
Trade in the 21st Century – Global Value Chains
Challenges faced by women entrepreneurs
The making of a successful network
Public sector, private sector dialogue
Best practices of trade and gender networks

KAGIDER AND W20 Mentoring Session

Prior to the launch of Pakistan WE-NET, President, W20, Gulden Turktan and Yesim Sevrig, Secretary General, KAGIDER conducted a mentoring and coaching session for Board members of WE-NET.

The following topics were discussed:

    • Communication
    • Story of KAGIDER
    • Objectives

WE-NET Board members agreed that the key motivating factors for them were:

      • Change
      • Collaboration
      • Inclusion
      • Progress of Pakistan